Winter Craft School

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2 Full Days @ R1100 incl. materials
Monday 2nd July & Tuesday 3rd of July 9am-4pm,    
@ Michael Mount Waldorf School in Bryanston                                                            


Every year the blacksmithing workshop is full as the fire element and the alchemical process of heating and melting steel until it is red hot enough to beat into shape is so unusual. This year an ex-student of Paola Warrender, Brandon Chetter, who also runs the welding course, will be taking over the forge from her with a team of helpers to guide even young children through this process of making beautiful items after learning to persevere through every step of the way.  This is a popular workshop and there are only 8 places available. 

 TEXTILE DESIGN & PRINT - Block Printing

The most everyday objects can be used to make graphic and beautiful block-print designs that will surprise you. Judith will guide you through this 2-day workshop in which you will create your own block print and apply it to simple natural materials of your choice. Making up of printed fabric into items of your choice is not included but can be arranged after the course.


 TEXTILE DESIGN & PRINT - Dyeing & Sun-printing

To harness the power of the sun and the inspiring shapes of natural plants and objects in creating beautiful patterns on cloth is deeply satisfying. This year our expert Textile Design and Print teacher will be trying out various techniques with students of sun printing on cotton or linen fabric using collected leaves, flowers, pebbles and other natural or found objects.

BEADWORK - TREE OF LIFE - workshop deferred to later in year

The Tree of Life is a potent symbol of strength, spirituality and regeneration in many cultures of the world. Our expert teacher in wire beading, Douglas Dawah, will guide each participant through a process of creating a product unique   to their own vision of this symbol using wire, beads and stones. 

Wire beading


Fransa Cole demonstrating how to cut metal

In this workshop our expert jewellry crafter, Fransa Cole, will teach learners more in-depth techniques of simple jewellry design and manufacture  using a variety of  jewellery making tools and techniques and show them how to put all the different elements of design together in a piece of jewellry of their choice. Only for participants aged from 10 and up. Course limited to 10 participants.


HAVE FUN WITH ART - SOUL PAINTING - next workshop on the 29th July in Kyalami

“Creativity comes as naturally to us as rivers flowing downhill, we just have to open the flow to that inner creativity. One person finds flow in using charcoal in Still life drawing, whilst another finds flow in dipping their hands and feet in paint and allowing them to “speak” in their own fun way.

There is no perfect outcome, there is no perfect process, there is fun, joy and embracing the challenges that come up as we all find our way into this place within ourselves.”

Lea Holtz  is offering a 2 day workshop and is inviting us to play with paints, brushes, paper and pens and allow the Natural environment around us to influence us.


Zimbabwean Stone Sculptor and artist, Innocent Manjengenja, will guide you through this challenging but deeply satisfying process of stone sculpting.  Whether you chose to design and create a small necklace pendant or a larger shape that rests in a bowl or in your hand etc. Innocent will teach you how to work with the implements and material at hand.  

  WELDING From functional to creative - workshop deferred 

Already in the Bronze and Iron Ages forge welds were performed, but with the invention of electrical and gas welding methods during the Industrial Revolutionthe gas weld replaced the forge weld. Brandon Chetter, a long time apprentice of Winter Craft School, is is offering this workshop also to beginner welders. Learners will be challenged to create a design of their choice on the 2nd day of the workshop. Places are limited to 6 participants so book early. Age 14 and upwards. 

Safety precautions during the welding course are a vital part of learning that skill. . . 

 WOODWORKING - workshop canceled

Working with wood is not a fast process, as it takes time to learn to work with the appropriate chisels for the particular wood used. But it is almost a meditative process that allows for relaxed chatter and banter and uplifts our energy levels in a magical way! Join expert woodwork teacher Nelson Matambo on this journey of transforming a piece of square wood into something beautiful. 


Wet felting is a very old method of making material by hand, by taking raw combed sheep's wool and layering it onto a flat surface and using one's hands and soap to work the individual strands of wool into one another. It is a magical process that happens under our hands - come and join Michele Aserman in this workshop and surprise yourself! We will work on flat surfaces as well as around shapes that will lead to making flowers, nuno scarves and other beautiful items to enjoy!


Stained Glass as an art form has been around for over 1000 years, almost exclusively used to decorate windows in churches, mosques and other places of worship. Come and explore this intricate craft with Cathy Froneman as she imparts her passion for all things glass. Learners must be 12 and older as they will be cutting their own glass. Places are limited to 5 participants so book early.