Winter Craft School

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Lea Holtz
Lea is the founder of Craftschoolsa and plays a significant mentoring role in the current administration of the school. For the first time this year she is offering a workshop in Soul Art, taking over from Kate Ballenden's Expressive Arts.  Lea's workshop will focus on the ‘process’ of the art making rather than an end product and on using art as a tool for self-enquiry. Most of all Lea wants her students to have fun making art.

Judith Oppler

Joburg Textile Designer and teacher, Judith Oppler, is passionate about colour and design on cloth. She has the rare skill of drawing the most creative aspects out of her participants, both children and adults, and  guiding them in the process of transposing that creativity into design and onto textiles. 

Fransa Cole

Fransa holds an MBL degree from UNISA, has been on a number of journeys in her life and has her studio on a farm near Lanseria, where she can give reign to her passion of jewellery-making. Her expertise on the Winter Craft School event is to enable inexperienced and unskilled participants in a very short period of time to make jewellery that they treasure and are proud of. No one can believe that the beautiful outcomes partipants exhibit are the result of a mere 10 hours of skills aquisition.

Innocent Manjengenja

Zimbabwean Stone Sculptor and founder of the Art Peace Project outside Harare, Innocent's work has been exhibited in a number of countries arnd the globe. He sells his stone art at the Organic Market and will be teaching participants of the stone sculpting course to design their own stone art and guide them to the final product. 

Douglas Dawah

Douglas is a Zimbabwean Sculptor and Bead Art Teacher. He has 10 years experience in wire bending and bead art, is a crafter at the Organic Market and is known for his patience and gentleness when working with children. This year he will guide learners in the creation of the Tree of Life symbol using wire, beads and stones.

Brandon Chetter

Paola Warrender has passed the metalwork baton on to Brandon from 2018 and he is now running both the blacksmithing and the welding workshops. Brandon trained under Paola and has been blacksmithing for a number of years now and running his own metalwork business which includes welding. He ran the first successful welding course in 2016.

Michele Aserman

We are thrilled to be re-introducing felting to the Winter Craft School under the  skilled eye of Michele Aserman. Michele produces all manner of felted goods that she sells through various stalls at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market. She teaches young children in her "other" life and has a warm and inclusive manner that will put the participants on her course at ease. She will be teaching the basics of wet felting and supporting her students to transform raw wool roving into usable and wearable art!

Cathy Froneman

Stained glass artist Cathy Froneman is passionate about all things glass and brings that passion to the wonderful glass creations she enjoys making in her Jewelled Leaf Studio, from Xmas tree angels to Lotus flower candles to colourful insect, bird and animal planters and various hanging glass pendants. She has a stall at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market. Stained glass is a new introduction to the Winter Craft School and we look forward to it becoming a regular workshop in future years.

Nelson Matambo

Nelson Matambo has had a few years experience teaching children woodwork at the Michael Mount Waldorf school and he taught the previous woodwork workshops a few years back. Under his gentle and encouraging eye, participants are introduced to the joy of working with wood and tools in creating objects of beauty and utility for the home.